How Can I Tell If My Sacramento Home Has Termites?

Termites can seem like mysterious pests. If you own property, the thought of termites might cause you to have some sleepless nights because you don't really know what to do about them. Today, we hope to take the mystery away and give you a peek behind the curtain, so to speak. Here are a few key facts every Sacramento resident should know about termites.

termite damage on a cabinet door

Why Sacramento Homes Are Always At Risk For Termites

These insects can strike at any moment. When they do, you're not likely to know it. Termites are sneaky pests. You probably already know this. What you might not know is the extent of this threat.

  • Termites can damage a home for years without being detected. Routine inspections are essential for detecting active termites.
  • Warning signs, such as frass, shelter tubes, and damage are often hard to see because they are found in dark and secluded locations. It is vital that you know where to look for warning signs.
  • Termites don't damage a home overnight. That is good news. But, don't underestimate their ability to do significant damage over time. When you detect termites, we don't recommend taking matters into your own hands. Have a licensed pest professional handle make sure no termites remain in your home.

Termites aren't going away any time soon. There are billions of them in California. Keep a careful watch for warning signs, or invest in proactive termite control to protect your property from termite damage.

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Termite Infestation?

There are a few ways you can tell that you have a termite problem in your home. Some are obvious. Most are not so obvious.

  • When you see a termite swarm in your house, you know you're in trouble. Unfortunately, this is a terrible way to find out that you have a termite problem. Termite nests take years to produce swarmers.
  • When you see signs of termite damage, this is another not-so-great way to learn that you have a termite problem. Termites can damage wood in a way that causes cascading structural issues.
  • When you see frass pouring out of a gap or crack, this is a sign that you have drywood termites. Unfortunately, this sign can be missed if frass is ejected into a wall, floor, or ceiling void. Drywood termites that attack hardwood floors tend to leave frass in the void between the hardwood floor and the subflooring.
  • When subterranean termites attack your home, you might see shelter tubes. These tubes are made of mud and are typically about the width of a pencil. Look for them in dark or humid spaces.

Routine inspections of your property can help you catch termites early and prevent extensive damage. While beneficial, you should know that DIY inspections aren't the best way to address this problem.  

How To Prevent Termites From Getting To Your Sacramento Home

If you don't want subterranean termites to damage your property, the best option is professional termite control. A licensed professional can install liquid termiticide into the soil around your home. This soil treatment is non-toxic. When termites pass through it, they don't even realize it. As they meet each other in their tunnels and groom each other, they pass the active ingredient, which works to arrest the molting process. When termites can't molt, they die.

Drywood termites can be deterred with ongoing residential service for your home. Routine exterior treatments and ongoing pest maintenance can help to keep drywood termites at bay. If they find a way into your home, it may be necessary to tent the structure to make sure all of the termites in your home are exterminated.

Why Professional Termite Control Is The Best Solution For Sacramento Homeowners

There are challenges to DIY termite control. It is important that you're aware of them.

  • Not all over-the-counter termite products work.
  • Some termite products can be toxic to humans.
  • If you find professional-grade products, it is possible to install them incorrectly. When you do, you may not realize your termite control is failing. Professionals are certified by the manufacturers of termite control products to ensure proper applications. By certifying licensed professionals, manufacturers can offer termite damage warranties.
  • If you attempt to protect your home with termiticide, you could damage your property as you trench and drill to get a complete barrier. Professionals are not only trained to perform this work properly, but they're also covered by insurance if the unexpected happens.

The worst outcome of DIY termite control is that you think you're protected when you actually aren't. It is far better to contact Sacramento pest control for termite protection. 

If you need termite control in Sacramento, reach out to us here at Neighborly Pest Management to schedule a service visit from one of our friendly termite control professionals. Or, keep us in mind if you ever need a drywood or subterranean termite treatment in Sacramento. We're always standing by to help.