Pets Bringing Fleas Into Roseville Homes Could Be Causing Problems
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Pets Bringing Fleas Into Roseville Homes Could Be Causing Problems

Can fleas live on humans, or do they only infest pets? Fleas could be using your dog or cat to get into your Roseville home. Here’s what homeowners should know about why your pet keeps having flea issues, whether pets can lead to flea infestations in your home, how quickly fleas can multiply, and how pest control in Roseville can help you protect your family and pets from these critters.

Why Does My Pet Keep Having Fleas?

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While it’s not unusual for pet owners to deal with the occasional flea problem on their pets, it could be a bigger issue if you’re constantly finding fleas on your dog or cat. 

Some of the reasons your pet may have recurring issues with fleas could include: 

  • You’re not treating them for fleas as often as you should. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their dog or cat only needs flea treatments during the summer, but this is not true. In a warm environment like Roseville, fleas can be active throughout the entire year, so your pets need to be protected year-round. 
  • You’re neglecting to deal with flea-infested items. Not only will fleas lay eggs on your pet, but they can also lay eggs and live in items around your home, including pet bedding, furniture, or even your carpet. 
  • Your pet is spending too much time in flea-infested areas. Pets often bring fleas in from outside, whether you realize it or not. If your dog or cat is spending a lot of time in tall grass, weeds, or forested areas, they may be bringing new fleas back with them. 
  • Your pet is interacting with other flea-infested animals. Whether it’s at the dog park or a friend’s house, your pet could be picking up fleas from other infested animals. This can happen with pets, but if your property has a rodent or wildlife infestation, they could also come from wild animals. 

Since fleas are tiny enough to miss, one way to determine if your pet has fleas is by regularly brushing and bathing them. Since fleas like to nest in pet fur, it’s likely that, if they have them, you’ll spot fleas, flea dirt, or eggs while you’re brushing. 

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Can My Pet With Fleas Start A Flea Infestation In My Home?

Can fleas on your pets lead to a flea infestation in your home or flea bites on your skin? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. While fleas may start by laying their eggs in your pet’s fur, they’ll eventually hop off and begin laying eggs in other areas of your home. 

If you have indoor pets, fleas might start biting them as well or even try taking a bite out of you or your family. Fleas don’t use humans as hosts, but they’re not opposed to biting people. 

Keep in mind that flea infestations can start in your home, even if you don’t have pets. While fleas are more common inside pet-friendly homes, wildlife and rodents that invade your home are also frequently infested with fleas, or you can inadvertently bring them into your home on secondhand furniture or belongings. 

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How Quick Can Fleas Multiply In My House?

Unfortunately, fleas can multiply and reproduce very quickly. Although fleas don’t have long lifespans, a single female flea can still produce thousands of eggs in her lifetime, up to forty or fifty eggs per day. 

Are fleas visible? Fleas are technically visible, but they’re extremely tiny and hard to spot. Even with hundreds or thousands of fleas living in your home, it’s unlikely you’ll spot too many flea eggs or larvae unless you’re looking closely. 

Even if you don’t see fleas, you may see the evidence of their presence, like finding itchy bites on your feet and ankles or your pet constantly itching at their fur. 

What Can I Do To Protect My Family From The Fleas In My Home?

Even if you try to avoid areas where fleas may be hiding when you take your pets outside, that’s not always enough to protect your home from fleas. You may need a professional pest control solution, and that means working with those of us at Neighborly Pest Management. 

If you find fleas in your home or it seems like your pet is constantly fighting off fleas, your home or property is likely infested. Contact us today at Neighborly Pest Management to learn more about how our flea and tick control programs work or to schedule an appointment. 

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