The Ultimate Cockroach Control Guide For Roseville Property Owners

They lurk in the dark and come out at night to feed. You may hear them skitter across bathroom or kitchen floors. You may smell them in your pantry. You may find one sitting on the floor of your bathroom or clinging to a wall. Cockroaches are commonly found in Roseville homes. If you see or detect roaches in your home, is it cause for concern? Join us as we look at this question in a way you may not have considered. We'll look at the dirty habits and behaviors of common roaches, how these habits and behaviors make roaches harmful, and how removing these factors can deter roaches and prevent sickness. Once you have a foundation for how to prevent a cockroach infestation, we'll look at what works to address a current infestation. If you've had questions about cockroach control and prevention, you'll likely find the answers here. Before we start, we want to remind you that help is available. If you like the ease of speaking with a pest management professional directly, why not call? Our service team is knowledgeable and friendly. When you have pest questions, we have the answers.

The Dirty Habits And Behaviors Of Common Cockroaches

When cockroaches enter your home, they're going to act like cockroaches. They won't wipe their little feet off at the door, they won't go back outside to use the restroom, and they won't stay out of your cabinets. If you want to understand how to control cockroaches, you need to understand what roaches are looking for inside your home.


  • Cockroaches eat human foods. Everything in your pantry and kitchen is fair game.
  • Cockroaches eat food after food items have spoiled. While you wouldn't consider eating something out of the trash, roaches prefer it. They'll also eat food debris off the floor, off dirty dishes, and in the cracks of your kitchen.
  • Cockroaches eat grime. They'll squeeze in between your oven and the wall and feed on grease, oil, and decaying juices.
  • Cockroaches eat hair, dead skin cells, fecal matter, and toothpaste. When you find roaches in your bathroom, you should know that they're up to no good. They expose themselves to dirty things and then climb on items that you want to keep clean, such as your toothbrush.
  • Cockroaches eat paper and cardboard. If you have a stack of pizza boxes, you can expect cockroaches to zero in on that stack.
  • Cockroaches eat insects, both alive and dead. If you have other pests, they can inspire you to have a cockroach infestation. 

Each Other

  • A female cockroach can lay fifty eggs at a time. These eggs are kept inside a pouch called an ootheca.
  • Cockroach eggs can hatch in as little as two weeks.
  • Cockroaches grow into adults quickly and are able to reproduce in as little as two months, depending on the species.


  • All cockroaches are attracted to damp environments.
  • Damp exterior environments place roaches near foundation walls and increase the chances of an indoor infestation.
  • Damp or humid indoor environments allow roaches to develop and reproduce faster.

Darkness And Tight Spaces

  • Cockroaches are nocturnal pests and prefer nighttime activity.
  • Cockroaches prefer to hide in darkness during the day and are rarely seen until an infestation is large.
  • Piles and objects near the exterior of a home provide dark places to hide and tight spaces for cockroaches to squeeze into.
  • Gaps in foundations and exterior walls are inviting to cockroaches and they can't help but explore them.

Cockroaches in Roseville don't try to pester you. They want to stay out of sight and avoid attention. Unfortunately, these behavior patterns result in unwanted consequences that Roseville residents won't tolerate for long. Let's turn our attention to the risks of having cockroaches dwelling in your home.   

Cockroaches Trigger Allergies And Spread Disease

When cockroaches crawl around in unsanitary places and feed on unsanitary things, there are consequences. Let's take some of the cockroach facts you've learned thus far and apply them to the health risks associated with cockroaches. We'll also take a quick look at how sanitation plays a role in preventing sickness.

  • Cockroaches get into pantry foods and contaminate the contents. Since cockroaches eat cardboard and paper, it is best to keep your food in sealed plastic or glass containers to keep roaches out. If you keep roaches out, you'll limit their ability to give you stomach ailments, such as those created by salmonella and E. coli.
  • Cockroaches eat decaying organic matter and grime. A kitchen that is sparkling clean is resistant to germ transmission. Clean floors, counters, shelves, and sinks. Also, deep clean the sides of your oven and the floor underneath your refrigerator.
  • Cockroaches come in contact with dirty things in your bathroom. It only takes a few seconds for a roach to go from toilet to toothbrush. Keep your toothbrush in a protective case and clean your toilet to prevent seriously harmful disease contamination. One fact to keep in mind is that cockroaches can climb porcelain. If your toilet is dirty under the rim, it is not as much of a concern as the top of the rim, unless your toilet is dusty enough for a roach to get a good grip. It is a gross topic, but one worth taking a moment to consider.
  • Cockroaches reproduce quickly. Each nymph that hatches will shed its skin as it grows. The shedding of skins triggers allergies. A recent study shows a clear link between cockroach infestations and hospitalization for those who suffer from asthma. Plus, the more roaches you have in your home, the lower the air quality and the greater the risk of respiratory issues.

It isn't good to have cockroaches in your home. They don't behave themselves. When they get inside, you may turn to over-the-counter cockroach control products or home remedies for cockroaches to stop them from making you sick. We don't recommend doing this as you can worsen the problem. Cockroaches are immune to many common materials used to control them and they can pick them up and carry them to sensitive areas of your home. Contact Neighborly Pest Management for the appropriate selection and application of cockroach control materials. Our licensed professionals follow strict protocols to ensure safety.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Cockroaches

If you don't have cockroaches in your Roseville home yet, we have good news. You can use your new understanding of common cockroach habits and behaviors to deter them from entering your home and building a family.  

  • Keep your trash cans clean: Cockroaches are attracted to the scent of organic material, so it is important to keep your trash cans clean and sealed. You should also regularly empty your trash cans and rinse them out with soapy water.
  • Properly mix compost: If your compost stinks, cockroaches will smell it from a distance and come running.
  • Clean up pest waste: Since cockroaches feed on fecal matter, dog and cat waste, and also bird waste, can attract cockroaches to your yard. Pick pet waste up and remove bird feeders to reduce food options for roaches.
  • Reduce insects: Since cockroaches eat insects that are living and not living, reducing insects on your property will have an impact on roach populations. You can do this by getting year-round pest control or taking natural steps, such as replacing white exterior lights with yellow lights.
  • Address moisture problems: As we pointed out above, Cockroaches are drawn to damp environments. Clearing out obstructions in your gutters, repairing spots in your gutter system that are broken, repairing water spigots, and maintaining dry landscaping will all have an impact on roach populations.
  • Stay ahead of yard work: Leaves and other organic debris provide moist habitats and tight hiding places for cockroaches.
  • Remove objects that sit on the ground near your home: These objects provide tight spaces and protection from the sun. A tight space is attractive and protection from the sun keeps cockroaches from drying out.
  • Seal entry points: Every crack in your exterior is a potential entry point for roaches. But those cracks aren't just a potential route, they are an attractant. Cockroaches want to squeeze into them.

Do you see how you can use your knowledge of cockroach habits and behaviors to deter them? See if you can think of a few of your own prevention tips, such as storing pizza boxes in a plastic bin. We've only touched the surface of the many ways you can work to deter roaches. 

Professional Cockroach Control Is The Best Solution

You are now armed with some great ideas for cockroach prevention, but what do you do if you already have a roach infestation? Do these ideas work to drive cockroaches out of your home? In a small way, yes. But the best solution is to hire a licensed service provider like Neighborly Pest management for roach pest control. Cockroach control requires a science-based approach and a multi-pronged strategy to get results. We'll guide you toward a control solution that will work best for your specific needs. We can also provide options for year-round perimeter protection to help you keep roaches and other pests out of your home permanently. You don't have to live with roaches. Connect with us today for cockroach pest control in Roseville. We're here to help.