Cockroach Control In Roseville, CA

Types Of Cockroaches In Roseville

The cockroach is arguably the least desired of all the pests that could invade. Cockroaches are difficult to eliminate once inside, and they cause a variety of problems such as asthma attacks and disease transmission.

These sewer roaches also like to crawl around in filth, trash, and even feces, making them highly capable of contaminating food and various surfaces. While there are hundreds of species, the most common you'll see in the area are:

  • Turkestan Cockroaches

  • American Cockroaches

  • Oriental Cockroaches

With so many problems attributed to this troublesome pest, it's not surprising that many pest control solutions focus on their removal.

Why Are They Hard To Eliminate

cockroach on floor

You would think that water roaches are nothing more than another insect and, therefore, easy to eliminate. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Some reasons why they're hard to eliminate are:

  • Excellent hiders

  • Prolific breeders

  • Tough exoskeleton

  • Impossible to starve

  • Resistant to pesticides

Fortunately, roaches aren't impossible to kill. However, the amount of time and effort it takes is why professional cockroach control remains the gold standard for solving the problems roaches bring.

Our Cockroach Control Process

At Neighborly Pest Management, our team knows you don't want cockroaches on your property a second longer than necessary. Even better, we know how to make that desire a reality.

Before we start treatment, we perform a comprehensive inspection. We'll check the high traffic areas during the inspection, including under your appliances and furniture. Once the inspection is complete, we will go over our findings with you and get to work on a treatment plan.

Don't settle for anything less than a comprehensive approach to cockroach control. Reach out to the team at Neighborly Pest Management to discuss your options and get started on becoming cockroach-free.

What Does An Infestation Look Like?

The best way to stay ahead of an infestation is to know how to identify one in progress. Some of the signs of an infestation include: 

Cockroach Sighting: Seeing a cockroach means you're guaranteed to have an infestation on your hands since they usually hide unless the population is too large.

Droppings: Similar in appearance to mouse droppings, cockroaches leave this behind, which can help you identify there's a problem sooner rather than later.

Egg Capsules: If you see egg capsules dark in color and roughly 8mm long, then you likely have a roach infestation on your hands.

Noticeable Smell: Cockroaches emit a strong musky odor, which is extremely noticeable.

Get the help you need by reaching out to Neighborly Pest Management today. We'll handle your problems from start to finish.


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