Why Should I Be Concerned About Pack Rats in Sacramento?

The packrat, also known as a woodrat or trade rat, is a common pest in North America, particularly in arid climates. There are 22 species, but these species tend to do the same things, so you don't have to worry too much about figuring out what species you have. However, you need to properly tell the difference between a packrat and other types of rodents. Packrats aren't like house rats, Norway rats, and roof rats, three very common Sacramento pests. They're somewhat unique, and it is important to consider these unique traits, such as the packrats never stop growing their nests. They keep adding and adding. If the packrats of a nest are trapped and removed, new packrats will be more than happy to move in and use an old nest. Therefore, addressing these nests is an essential part of the control process. Now that you know a little bit about these unique rodents, let's look at a few ways they can accidentally negatively impact your life.

pack rat in an attic

Little Thieves

Packrats can steal your stuff. While the rat in Charlotte's web was probably a Norway rat, Templeton is a good example of the trouble you can have with packrats. Like Templeton, a packrat will collect items, particularly shiny items, and carry them off to its nest. Hence the reason we call humans packrats; they pack these things away. And it isn't just that they pack these items in their nest; they often keep more than they'll ever stop to enjoy. They'll even do this with food. A packrat can collect food in its nest that will never get eaten.    


Packrats can create nests in surprising locations. You can find nests in automobiles, air conditioning units, pool heaters, and more. They can also build nests in your attic space, wall voids, and ceiling voids. This nest-building activity can cause things to stop working correctly.

Fleas and Ticks

When packrats come into your yard, they don't come alone. No, we're not referring to the fact that they come with other packrats (though they do); we're talking about fleas and ticks. A single packrat can have more than a hundred seed ticks on its body. When those tiny seed ticks mature, they drop off and seek another animal to take as a host, particularly a mid-sized animal, like a dog or a cat. While fleas and ticks prefer to feed on animals, some species can readily bite humans as well. Mostly, this is just an irritation. But fleas and ticks also can spread diseases, not the least of which is the plague. While the bubonic plague is treatable, and few people die from it, it's not fun to get sick with this disease. 

What Can You Do About Pack Rats?

If you're having trouble with packrats in Sacramento, it is unwise to battle these rodents on your own. Packrat control can be tricky, and if you fail to get control of them, they will be allowed to continue to cause trouble. Reach out to Neighborly Pest Management for industry-leading packrat management. We'll take appropriate steps to arrest your infestation and protect you from future infestations. Connect with us today.