Bird Free Zones Proactive Solutions For Pest Bird Management In Roseville
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Bird-Free Zones: Proactive Solutions for Pest Bird Management In Roseville

What do you do when you notice cars stopped ahead and see an off-ramp coming up that will enable you to circumvent the traffic jam? Do you stay in the traffic, not knowing how long you will be there, or take the exit? You probably will take a proactive approach and get off the freeway to continue your journey. Why would you take that action? Simple. When we see a problem coming, most of us take preemptive action. The same can be true for birds. 

Birds are a natural part of the ecosystem, and while you cannot prevent them from flying overhead, you can take steps to keep them from nesting on your property. Although preventing pest birds from harming your property and jeopardizing your health seems impossible, it can be done with bird control in Roseville from Neighborly Pest Management. 

Since 1978, our family-owned and operated company has removed pest birds and worked with home and business owners to stop them from overtaking properties. Because we are a local pest control company, we understand the habits and behaviors of problematic bird species in our locale, and we can provide better pest bird management than a disconnected, big-box pest control company not rooted in our community. Furthermore, because our average employee retention rate is over ten years, you will work with trained, experienced individuals.

You probably found this article because pest birds are causing problems, and you need answers. So, please keep reading to get effective, practical solutions to your problem. 

The Challenges That Come With Pest Birds On Your Property

There are birds, and then there are pest birds. What is the difference? Pest birds are a nuisance because they invade your property in large numbers. Technically, any bird species can be a pest, but the ones that overwhelm many Roseville home and business owners are pigeons, house sparrows, and European starlings. The following is a list of issues these birds cause in our area:

  • Disease
  • Parasites
  • Allergies
  • Property damage
  • Drainage issues
  • Noise

While not every species causes these issues, they each make their contribution. 

If there is one bird that comes to mind when talking about pest birds, it is the pigeon. These grey, white, and black avians have a body up to 11 inches long that weighs about 13 ounces. Known also as rock doves, these monogamous birds prefer eating grains they find in trash cans and glean from humans. Because pigeons depend upon humans for food, they are prevalent in urban areas, city parks, and buildings; they also infest warehouses, feed mills, and grain elevators.

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Why DIY Bird Deterrence Methods Are Not Effective

We all want to save money, and it is natural to think that hanging a few pans around the property can solve a pest bird problem; however, the DIY approach often fails. One reason do-it-yourself solutions rarely succeed is that birds are intelligent. Although people sometimes use the phrase "bird brain" to mock someone's intelligence, birds quickly learn that static deterrents (e.g., plastic owls and scarecrows) are not a threat. 

Another problem with the do-it-yourself approach is inconsistency. Repellants need constant refreshing, wind gusts often destroy moving shiny pans, and attempts to scare birds with loud noises become tedious. Birds detect inconsistencies and will exploit the gaps in protection.

We also want to note that DIY methods can be dangerous to implement. For example, placing bird spikes on roof peaks, ledges, and beams often requires ladders and climbing, which can be hazardous; hanging bird netting can also present the same issues.

Another reason DIY methods fail is due to a lack of knowledge about birds by the home or business owner. It is tempting to conclude a one-size-fits-all deterrence method works on all bird species, but that is not reality. For example, loud noises and shiny objects do not discourage pigeons and starlings from landing on your property. In addition to ineffectiveness, homemade repellents or traps can hurt pets and other animals. 

You can spare yourself the frustration and expense by skipping the DIY phrase and partnering with Neighborly Pest Management for bird control.

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Proactive Measures: Preventing Pest Bird Infestations

Although gaining control over the current infestation requires professional help from Neighborly Pest Management, these residential bird control tips will help prevent future problems:

  • Place mesh over the chimney, soffits, and vent openings.
  • Prune overgrown branches away from the structure.
  • Remove junk and debris from the yard.
  • Seal outdoor trash cans, dumpsters, and compost piles.
  • Clean spilled food around bird feeds.
  • Do not leave pet foods in outdoor bowls.
  • Provide drainage to ditches and puddles.
  • Repair leaking outdoor fixtures.
  • Eliminate standing water in birdbaths, pool covers, etc.
  • Keep gutters unclogged.
  • Change flat ledges to sloping. 

Food, water, and shelter attract birds to the property. By removing these attractants, you will discourage them from infesting the area. Although it should be obvious, avoid feeding birds when they come onto your property. If you own a business, provide ample trash receptacles for employees who wish to eat outside and do not provide food that customers can feed the birds. 

Consistency is necessary when implementing these tips. Check gutters, around animal feeds, outdoor plumbing fixtures, etc., to ensure they remain unclogged, cleaned and in good repair. If you use auditory and visual deterrents (e.g., shiny plates, wind chimes, recorded bird distress calls, etc.) to supplement the recommended items listed above, use them persistently and make quick repairs should they become damaged. 

Above all, be humane. Do not place family pets, children, or the environment at risk in your zeal to remove pest birds from your Roseville property. Ask your Neighborly Pest Management service technician if you have questions or concerns about deterrents. Remember, we can provide additional tips when we inspect your Roseville property.

Sound Solutions For Bird Control: Expert Services You Can Count On

At Neighborly Pest Management, we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions to tackle pest bird problems. This approach begins with an inspection to determine what attracts birds to your property. We will investigate for entry points if birds are inside your home or business. Furthermore, we will observe infestation signs and bird activity to determine the invading species. 

Once we gather data, we will create an IPM bird management plan. Our strategy will include sealing entry points and working with you to eliminate attractants on the property. We will end the current pest bird problem using a combination of mechanical bait traps and products. Integrated Pest Management requires precise treatment and repellant amounts to ensure environmental protection. 

As noted earlier, one problem with DIY bird control is inconsistency; however, when you partner with Neighborly Pest Management, you will no longer have that issue. We offer bi-monthly bird pest control plans to ensure the repellant barrier around your home stays fresh, so you no longer have to worry about pest birds. 

When you need bird control near you, trust a company with over 40 years of experience, Neighborly Pest Management. We are "Your Best Defense Against Unwanted Pests." Contact us today to learn more about our bird pest control plans and to request a free quote.

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