Why Are There So Many Wasps Around My Sacramento Home?

a paper wasp on a fence

Insects are very bothersome pests in the Sacramento area. Whether you are being picked on by mosquitos at a family gathering, or ants are getting into your picnic lunch, these bugs sure know how to put a damper on a good time. Stinging insects bring the nuisance factor to a whole new level. The mere sight of a single wasp while enjoying your time outdoors can bring that enjoyment to an abrupt halt. Most people will run for cover, arms flailing as they seek shelter, hoping to avoid getting stung by these angry, flying menaces. One wasp can wreak havoc, but what about a whole nest of them? Learn more about what attracts wasps to your home and how Neighborly Pest Management is the company to call for the best pest control in Sacramento.

When Is Wasp Season In Sacramento?

Wasps will be noticeable from March to October, but the wasp population seems to have its highest numbers in the late summer months, from July to September. It is during this time that the queen wasp will fly away with males to create new queen wasps. When the queen leaves the hive, the drones become more aggressive and will stray further from the nest, causing more problems around Sacramento homes. The most common types of wasps in the area include paper wasps, mud daubers, and yellowjackets. Even though wasps help control the insect population by feeding on them and are a valuable part of the ecosystem, if you start noticing wasps around your home, there’s a good chance there is a nest nearby. The experts at Neighborly Pest Management will be there to assist you with wasp removal if they start to become a problem.

What Attracts Wasps?

Wasps are like most other bothersome pests, in that their search for food, water, and shelter often leads them to become a nuisance to us. Most of our yards and properties provide them with these basic needs, as they are commonly found in the following areas:

  • Garbage bins
  • Gardens
  • Compost piles
  • Grills
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Flowering vegetation
  • Gutters

A wasp removal service in Sacramento will be needed if they find these areas in your yard too much to their liking. Keeping them off your property is key to preventing an infestation.

How Can I Make My Home Less Appealing To Wasps?

Partnering with a professional Sacramento pest control company is the best way to take care of your wasp problem, but here are some wasp prevention tips that can help keep them off your property:

  • Eliminate water sources by fixing leaky outdoor fixtures and keeping your gutters maintained.
  • Place woodpiles away from your home.
  • Trim back tree limbs, bushes, and shrubs from the exterior of your home.
  • Keep tight-fitting lids on all trash bins, recycling bins, and compost bins.
  • Do not have excessive flowering vegetation on your property.
  • Seal all openings on the roofline and exterior walls of your home.

These wasp prevention tips will go a long way in keeping them out of your home, but if they manage to become more of a problem than you can deal with, enlisting the experts at Neighborly Pest Management to take care of your pest control in Sacramento will be a surefire way to handle the situation.

How Do I Get Rid Of Wasps?

For homeowners who want to get rid of wasps from their property, partnering with the Sacramento pest control experts at Neighborly Pest Management is your best solution. We are the greater Sacramento area's best defense against pests. For more than four decades, we've been committed to keeping homes free of all types of wasps and other pests. Our professionals work with our customers to control wasp populations and perform wasp removal. Learn more about our 100% guaranteed pest control services by reaching out to Neighborly Pest Management today!