Swooping In How Pest Birds Can Take A Toll On Your Roseville Business
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Swooping In: How Pest Birds Can Take A Toll On Your Roseville Business

There is a reason why many homeowners install bird baths and bird feeders in their yards. They do this because they like birds and want to observe them doing cute things, like pecking at seeds or chasing each other around. As innocent as this behavior is, it does not define all birds. Some local fowl are truly foul. You may already know this. The question is, do you know how to keep pest birds off your property? We do.
Take some time today to learn more about the signs birds leave behind, the toll they take on local businesses, and the methods professionals use to combat them. If your feathers are already ruffled by pest birds on your property, call Neighborly Pest Management. Our bird removal services are field-tested and can be customized to meet your needs. Keep reading for more information about pest birds and how to deal with them in Roseville.

Signs Of Pest Bird Infestations

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Do you see birds around your property? They could have nests in the eaves of your building or within your ventilation shafts, chimney, garage, or gutters. They could also live on an adjacent property and enjoy frequenting your yard to scavenge for food. The trick is to tell where these pests are coming from and if they have nests on your commercial property. Here are some quick methods you can use to identify an active bird problem in Roseville.

Listen For Bird Sounds

Different birds make different sounds; some birds coo, some squawk. If you get close enough to a nest, you might hear the sound of wings beating or beaks tapping. If you learn the call of pest birds and listen for the other sounds they make, you will have an easier time identifying them on your property.

Look For Bird Damage

Some birds will damage the exterior of buildings when looking for nesting locations. Bird damage is most common with soffits and rooflines.

Keep An Eye Out For Droppings

If you have seen bird droppings on your car, you know that they are typically liquidy and white with the occasional other colors mixed in. An increase in bird droppings around the exterior of your business is a good indication that there is a nest nearby.

Check For Nesting Materials

Birds will use a variety of materials to build their nests, including sticks, leaves, moss, feathers, and pine needles. If you see a clump of materials on a ledge or the ground near your business, it might indicate that pest birds are building a nest on your property.

After you identify birds on your property, your next step is to determine ways to remove them and keep them from returning. For professional bird control in Roseville, reach out to Neighborly Pest Management.

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The Toll On Business Reputations

Pest birds are a big problem for local businesses. Not only are they a nuisance, but they also spread diseases and damage property with their droppings. Birds can also carry fleas and ticks onto properties. These pests like to hop off and crawl indoors and can lead to much bigger problems, problems that we want to help you avoid.

How much of your focus is on customer retention? This is a major task for many commercial enterprises. You want your clients to be comfortable before they even walk through the front door. If pest birds are roosting around the front of your business and defecating on benches, tables, and railings, you will lose customers before they ever come inside. Many individuals will even take their experience to the internet in the form of a review, social media post, or blog; negative publicity can be devastating. Thankfully, there are ways to keep birds at bay and professional options to address an active infestation on your property quickly.

The experts at Neighborly Pest Management understand the toll that birds have on local businesses. We offer advanced bird control methods to help you identify, remove, and prevent these foul creatures.

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Long-Term Maintenance And Prevention

Hiring a professional is always the best way to handle birds on your property. It is not, however, your only option. If you are looking for a certain level of protection and have the time to implement preventative strategies, here are some tips and tricks to consider:

  • Birds regularly enter buildings by flying down chimneys. Place wire mesh over your chimney and properly seal its exterior, or install a chimney cap.
  • Damaged or unprotected soffits and vents give birds easy access to interior spaces. Repair damage you find to soffits and vents and use wire mesh to cover potential entry points.
  • Birds will perch on tree branches near buildings. Trim branches at least ten feet away from structures on your property.
  • Certain birds eat food out of trash cans. Make sure that all trash bins and dumpsters on your property have tight-fitting lids so that birds cannot get into them.
  • If a trash can is overflowing, it doesn't matter if it has a tight-fitting lid. Take the trash out often and do your best to avoid overflowing bins.
  • Bird feeders do not just attract good birds. They also draw in pest birds. Consider removing bird feeders from your property. If you like having bird feeders, try to keep them a good distance from your building's exterior.
  • Birds need water. They find water in bird baths, puddles, and containers that collect rain. Walk around your property and pour out any water that you find. You can also remove ornate pools and bird baths from your property.
  • Pest birds have no problem eating food off the ground, picnic tables, or benches. Take the time to clean your property to address potential food attractants.
  • Birds are more than happy to eat pet food. If you have a company dog, cat, or guinea pig, be careful where you leave their food bowls or clean them out after every meal.
  • A bird doesn't care if a vegetable is fresh or decaying. It is more than happy to eat from a compost pile. Make sure compost piles around your property are protected so that these pests cannot get into them.

Keeping up with bird prevention is a huge task. Why take on the job alone? Neighborly Pest Management is here to help. Let us come alongside you with advanced bird treatment methods. We will assist you with any present bird threats on your property and walk you through our options for bird pest control.

Getting started is simple. Give us a call, text us, or reach out through our contact page to schedule an appointment for your Roseville commercial property. We are excited to work with you to develop a treatment plan that best meets your needs while not breaking your budget. Get in touch today.

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