Aphid Management Guidelines For Sacramento Homeowners

When aphids come onto your Sacramento property and get into your landscaping, they can create problems. Some of the problems they create are problems you might not link to those tiny insects. Aphids produce a substance called honeydew, which is a highly sought-after food source for several other pests. When these other pests start getting into your home, it may be the fault of those aphids. That's why it is important to deal with aphids in Sacramento when you find them, and contact Sacramento pest control when you're not able to deal with them yourself.

The following are management guidelines to help you understand what aphids are, why you're likely to see aphids on your Sacramento property, what plants attract aphids, and how to get control of an aphid infestation. If you are currently battling with aphids and need immediate assistance, jump to our contact page and reach out to us.

an aphid on a plant in a yard

What Are Aphids?

Aphids are insects that feed on nectar and plant sap. They come in many colors. Some look like wool when they're grouped together. No matter what kind of aphids you find on your property, they're going to present the same problems. As we mentioned already, aphids produce honeydew and provide a food source for pests. That honeydew can also be a catalyst for fungus issues.

If this isn't enough reason to want to get rid of aphids, these insects spread disease from one plant to another, and this can impact the health of the plants in your landscaping or garden. They'll also cause trouble in fruit trees if you have them. It is essential to know how to detect aphids when they enter your yard, and how to remove aphids when they get on your plants.

It can be difficult to properly identify aphids due to the variety of colors. If you're having trouble with aphid identification, take a photo of the insects you're seeing and send them to us here at Neighborly Pest Management. Our on-staff experts can let you know what insects you're seeing.

How Plants Get Aphids

Some aphids have wings and some don't. The aphids that have wings can fly into your yard and land on your plants. There is really nothing you can do to prevent this. But it is possible to deter aphids. There are plants that you can plant in your landscaping to keep aphids away with their scents, such as garlic, leeks, chives, catnip, marigolds, basil, sage, cilantro, and oregano. There are plants that attract insects that eat aphids, such as daisies and sunflowers. You can also reduce your chances of an aphid infestation by making sure you don't over-fertilize your plants.

What Plants Are Aphids Most Attracted To?

Aphids love fruit. If you have a fruit tree, aphids in Sacramento are likely to take notice. They also have a preference for melons, tomatoes, leafy vegetables, and vegetables that are underground. There are many preferred plants that can attract aphids. You can actually use this knowledge to get rid of aphids. One example of this is the use of Nasturtium as trap plants. These flowers strongly attract aphids.

When the aphids have gathered on the flowers, you simply dispose of the flowers and the aphids together. This prevents the aphids from going to other plants and stops them from moving from the Nasturtium plants after they're done feeding on them. This method is used in crop fields to prevent aphid-related diseases and guard against the need for food recalls. While not as effective on a small scale in your backyard, it can still yield good results.

Can Aphids Be Controlled?

Now, you know a little bit about identifying aphids on your Sacramento property, and about how to remove aphids but what about complete control? Planting certain plants in your landscaping and garden is a good start, and using trap plants can help, but will those plants offer you complete aphid control? Possibly not. At Neighborly Pest Management, we offer pest management options to help you prevent aphids from becoming a problem.

Our pest management professionals can guide you in finding the right control plan for protecting your yard and plants from aphids, and help you prevent the pest problems that can arise from aphid control issues. The products and methods we use are field-tested and environmentally friendly. We would love the opportunity to go over them with you.

You don't have to let aphids continue to plague you, and you don't have to allow aphids to continue to be a catalyst for other pest problems in your yard or in your Sacramento home. If you live in Sacramento, reach out to us here at Neighborly Pest Management for effective aphid pest management. We can help.