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Trusted Pest Control For Properties In Sacramento, California

Sacramento is the capital of California and a city that many residents are proud to call home. Many pests also live here in Sacramento, and our residents have to take preventative measures to keep them off their property and out of their homes and buildings. Since 1978, Neighborly Pest Management has serviced the communities of California with effective pest control. We offer outstanding residential and commercial pest control options to protect Sacramento properties from the adverse effects of pest infestations.

Keep rodents, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, and many other pests away from your home or business by partnering with the local pest control professionals that can provide complete protection for your Sacramento property year-round. Trust Neighborly Pest Management with your pest problems, and rest assured that we have what it takes to control and eliminate all sorts of pest threats.

Home Pest Control In Sacramento, CA

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As a homeowner, it’s essential to understand that pest infestations are a year-round problem. No matter the season, pests will always find a way to invade your Sacramento home while searching for food, water, and shelter.

It’s wise to implement a year-round residential pest control program from Neighborly Pest Management to protect your home and family from the health risks and damage pests cause, 

At Neighborly, we offer several different home pest control plans to protect your Sacramento home from a wide range of pests. We also provide organic and green products as another option for our home pest control solutions.

When it comes to providing high-quality pest control, no one does it better than Neighborly Pest Management. Give the pest technicians at Neighborly Pest Management a call today to discuss our home pest control programs or schedule an inspection. 

Commercial Pest Control In Sacramento, CA

Pest infestations are damaging to your property, revenue, and reputation. Your customers should never see a mouse roaming around your commercial building. When pests threaten your Sacramento business, your best option is to reach out for professional commercial pest control from Neighborly Pest Management. We provide effective commercial pest control services to many industries, including:

  • Warehouses

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Grocery stores

  • Retail stores

  • Coffee shops

  • & more!

At Neighborly Pest Management, we utilize advanced pest control technologies and methods to ensure we eliminate and control pests year-round. To find out what we can do to protect your Sacramento commercial property from pests, give us a call today.

Common Ants Found In Sacramento, CA

Ants are tiny insects that live in large colonies and work together as a social unit. Although ants are beneficial to the environment and work to decompose various organic materials, they are a huge problem when they get into your Sacramento home or business. Most ants aren't a threat to your health, which is why they're usually considered nuisance pests. Two of the most common ant species in our area are Argentine ants and carpenter ants.

Argentine Ants: Argentine ants are light to dark brown and can establish vast colonies.

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants are large ants that are typically black or reddish and known for creating an extensive network of tunnels and nesting galleries within wooden structures.

Neighborly Pest Management can identify and eliminate all kinds of pest threats, including ants. Whether you're dealing with carpenter ants or Argentine ants in your Sacramento home or business, our pest professionals have the tools to get rid of them as soon as possible. Reach out to us today to learn more about our ant control options.

Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs In Sacramento, CA

Bed bugs have become more and more common in the United States over the last couple of decades. Bed bugs are in all fifty states due to their ability to withstand high and low temperatures. When it comes to avoiding these blood-feeding pests, it’s important to remember that they can only invade if you or someone else brings them onto your Sacramento property.

To avoid carrying bed bugs into your home or business, keep a few of the following bed bug prevention tips in mind.

  • Avoid bringing used furniture into your home or facility.

  • Inspect hotel rooms for bed bugs before spending the night.

  • Check your bags and belongings for bed bugs after returning from a trip.

  • Keep your personal belongings off the ground of public areas such as airports and libraries.

  • Learn to identify the signs of bed bugs, such as bloodstains, spots of excrement, or rows of bite marks on your skin. 

No matter what you do to avoid them, there’s still a chance that you’ll bring them into your home or business. The best way to remove bed bugs from your Sacramento property is to contact Neighborly Pest Management for professional bed bug control services.


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