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Professional Pest Control Services For Newcastle, CA

There’s a lot to love about living in Newcastle, CA, from the many local businesses and friendly residents. However, one thing that isn’t so great is the number of property-invading pests we face throughout the year. These pests can damage property and spread dangerous diseases. That’s why you need pest control solutions you can count on to keep these unwanted invaders off your property.

With a pest control plan from Neighborly Pest Management, that’s what you get. We designed our residential and commercial pest services to eliminate any current infestation you are dealing with and prevent new infestations from occurring. Don’t let pests threaten your home or business. Continue reading to find out why professional pest control from Neighborly Pest Management could be right for you.

Home Pest Control In Newcastle, CA

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Here at Neighborly Pest Management, we don’t just believe in getting rid of current infestations; we believe in keeping them away. That’s why our pest control plans include bi-monthly treatments of your property to ensure your home is pest-free all year long.


We begin by inspecting your property for current signs of pest activity. We look inside and out for signs of life, harborage zones, entry points, and any other conditions conducive to infestations.


Following the inspection, we will treat your home per our findings using an Integrated Pest Management approach to be as effective as possible. We will also take steps to prevent future infestations from gaining access to your home.


Follow-up treatments occur on a bi-monthly basis. Additionally, should you notice pest activity between visits, we will return to address the issue at no additional cost to you.

To learn more about our residential pest control process, contact us here at Neighborly Pest Management.

Additional Services

In addition to our basic pest control plan, we also offer these pest-specific services:

  • Aphid Services
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Rodent Services
  • Termite Control

Commercial Pest Control In Newcastle, CA

Many people do not consider unforeseen obstacles such as pest infestations when running a business. These infestations can damage property, harm employees, and drive away customers. That’s why you need a commercial pest plan from Neighborly Pest Management. Not only will we eliminate any current infestations you are dealing with, but we will also take the preventative measures needed to prevent future infestations from occurring.

We know that no two businesses are exactly alike. We tailor our commercial pest plans specifically to meet the needs of the business it serves. Once we have a firm grasp of your current pest situation and business needs, we will draw up a plan specifically for you, including an initial treatment to eliminate any existing pest activity and lay necessary preventative groundwork. We schedule follow-up treatments to fit your needs, whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

To learn more about our commercial pest services, contact Neighborly Pest Management today.

Commercial Facilities We Service

Types of businesses we service include:

  • Warehouses

  • Healthcare

  • Food Processing Facilities

  • Educational

  • Retail Stores

  • Manufacturing Facilities

What Attracts Spiders To Homes In Newcastle?

Although beneficial to the surrounding ecosystem, spiders are some of the most unwanted pests you can find in Newcastle homes. As such, people want to know what they can do to keep these creepy-crawly arachnids out of their homes. However, you first need to know what factors attract spiders to homes in the first place. You can then take steps to limit those factors.

There are several reasons spiders might enter a home. First, many spiders find their way inside simply because there are ways in, i.e., cracks under doors, open windows, etc. However, the biggest reason for spiders to enter a home is because there is an abundance of other pests on which the spiders can feed. Therefore, the best method of spider control is to prevent other pests from entering your home. For all your residential pest control needs, the professionals here at Neighborly Pest Management are on your side.

The Benefits Pro Aphid Services Bring To Newcastle Gardens

When it comes to pests, not all of them threaten our health and safety. Instead, some can damage the plants around our home, making our property less appealing. One such group of pests is aphids. These seasonal pests feed on tree sap and damage leaves, stunt growth, and develop mold. Overall, these pests can ruin a garden or tree without you ever knowing it's happening.

That's why you need to consider professional aphid services for your property. At Neighborly Pest Management, our expert pest technicians have the proper tools and experience to keep your trees and garden safe from these destructive pests. Contact us at Neighborly Pest Management today to learn more about our annual aphid services.


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