Why Are There So Many Birds Around My Sacramento Business?

When you walk into your business, are there groups of birds staring down at you or congregating on the sidewalk? Are they building nests or scavenging in the dumpster? If so, it sounds like you have a bird problem on your hands. In large numbers, birds can be a nuisance and a health hazard. They damage property, spread disease, and are just downright obnoxious.

While pest birds are an annoying and dangerous problem, there are ways to prevent and remove them. Learn which factors may attract birds to your business, how to deter them, and which methods of pest control in Sacramento are most effective against birds.

three pigeons on a loading dock

What Attracts Birds To My Business?

Pest birds such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are always looking for ideal locations to roost and nest. There are several factors that may attract birds to your business.

First of all, there may be elements of your building’s architecture that are enticing to birds. Birds often gravitate towards buildings with flat areas and openings where they can easily roost and build nests. Gutters, awnings, eaves, ledges, and overhangs can all provide suitable roosting and nesting sites. Without bird control, your roof can soon become covered in birds and their nests.

Pest birds also like to have a food source nearby. If your business is a restaurant or is next to one, you may be more likely to have a bird problem. Similarly, being located near a park or an area where people routinely feed birds can also bring birds to your business. Any unsecured trash on or near your property can also attract scavenging birds.

Birds also tend to congregate in locations with nearby water sources, including areas of standing water, fountains, ponds, and even water-filled gutters. Roosting and nesting sites and food and water sources can all contribute to a bird infestation. To learn more about how your business may be attracting birds, contact a company that provides bird pest control in Sacramento.

Are There Ways To Deter Birds?

While having birds around your Sacramento business may seem inevitable, there are ways that you can deter nuisance birds. Here are some simple bird control and prevention tips:

  • Discourage feeding birds on the premises.

  • Use trash cans and dumpsters with secure lids, and don’t allow trash to overflow.

  • Reduce access to water by keeping gutters clean and removing fountains, birdbaths, and areas of standing water.

  • Fill in or block any voids or openings that can provide nesting locations.

  • Slope ledges and other potential resting areas on your roof.

Taking these measures can help make your business less hospitable to pest birds. If bird problems continue despite making these changes, you may need to seek professional bird control near you.

What Is Bird Netting?

There are several methods of bird control for pest birds in commercial settings. One of the most popular options is bird netting. Bird netting is a bird control method that physically blocks birds from entering certain areas. It is essentially a large net that birds cannot fly through.

Many bird netting products are available at home improvement stores and online, which business owners can then install themselves. However, bird netting can be challenging to install, and improper installation can make it less effective and result in birds and other animals becoming trapped and injured. For the safest and most effective bird control, we recommend working with a service that provides bird pest control in Sacramento.

What Is The Best Bird Control Method?

There are tons of bird control products available in stores and online, but many are ineffective or unsuitable for your business’s unique situation. It’s best to seek assistance from a professional bird control company. It will save you time, money, and the hassle of do-it-yourself bird control. For the most effective bird control near you, contact the pros at Neighborly Pest Management.

Neighborly Pest Management has over 40 years of pest control experience. We provide quality commercial pest control and outstanding customer service to the Sacramento area. If birds are flocking to your business, we have the tools and expertise to get rid of them and keep them from returning. We will inspect your property and develop a unique bird control plan for your business, depending on the type of birds and the scope of the problem.

We will implement bird control methods that will be most effective for your business so that you can enjoy a bird-free property once again. If birds return after treatment, we will return, too, free of charge to address the issue. Don’t let birds take over your business - contact Neighborly Pest Management to schedule your free bird control consultation.