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The generally warm, temperate climate of Citrus Heights is typical of the Central Valley and Northern California. The summers are dry and the winters are mild with little rainfall. This makes us susceptible to pest infestation all year long. These intruders seek water sources in your home during the dry summer months and they live off water sources outside of your home in the cooler winter months. Either way, pests are plentiful and they’re ready to infest your Citrus Heights home.

Neighborly Pest Management has been servicing the greater Sacramento area and Northern California for over 40 years. We are your best defense against unwanted pests with a range of comprehensive  pest control services, including:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Ant Control

  • Bed Bug Control

  • Flea Control

  • Spider Control

  • Roach Control

  • Termite Control

Call us today for reliable pest control services that guarantee a property free from infestation, Our team of licensed professionals is experienced in the identification, elimination, and prevention of pests, and we offer environmentally friendly solutions that are non-toxic, non-harmful, and always effective.

Home Pest Control In Citrus Heights, CA

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Your home is a sacred place. It would be a shame for pests to intrude and cause an infestation that can become overwhelming and unmanageable. That’s where we come in. Neighborly Pest Management offers quality residential pest control services that protect your home from a wide variety of common pests, including:

  • Termites

  • Bed bugs

  • Roaches

  • Fleas

  • Ants

  • Rodents

  • Gophers

  • Birds

  • Spiders

Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies are guaranteed to get rid of all pest activity and keep these intruders away. Our treatment options are safe for the environment, safe for you and your loved ones, and safe for your pets. We block all access points and implement preventative strategies, such as:

  • Biological Control (predators, parasites, pathogens to control pests)

  • Cultural Modification (irrigation methods and other habitat modifications)

  • Mechanical & Physical Control (traps, mulch, steam treatments, barriers, to kill or block pests)

  • Chemical Control (pesticides used for long term control, if needed)

Call us today to discuss your residential pest control needs. We’re happy to consult with you on your specific situation and discuss how we can be of help. Protect your home and your family and get started with one of our residential service plans that promise 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial Pest Control In Citrus Heights, CA

Protecting your Citrus Heights business from pest infestation is crucial if you want to have a successful company with longevity. Our commercial pest control services are timely, safe, and effective. We guarantee year-round protection to a long list of businesses, including:

  • Car Dealerships

  • Department Stores

  • Malls & Shopping Centers

  • Manufacturing & Research Facilities

  • Healthcare Offices

  • Food  & Beverage Processing

  • Retail Stores

  • Storage Facilities & Warehouses

  • Schools

  • Property Management Buildings

  • Lodging & Hospitality

  • Restaurants & Food Service

From our initial inspection and detailed identification to our customized plan of treatment to eliminate the infestation, we’re here to walk you through every step. We provide comprehensive prevention to keep pests from infesting your business in the future. We treat areas all over your property, eliminating potential entry points and nesting sites. Some of the areas we cover include cracks and crevices, doorways and window joints, areas around bushes and shrubs, exterior foundation perimeter, and interior as needed.

Problems Rodents Cause In Citrus Heights, CA

  • Structural Damage – Rodents hang around inside wall voids and eat away at the construction of your home or business. Not only do they tear up insulation, but they also gnaw on electrical wiring. They threaten the structural integrity of the building as well as put it at risk of catching fire.

  • Additional Pest Exposure – Rodents bring other pests inside. Fleas and ticks latch onto the fur coats of mice and rats, riding on them as they enter your home. Now you’re not only dealing with a rodent infestation, but you also have to worry about flea and tick infestations.

  • Disease – Rats, in particular, are associated with poor sanitation, and for good reason. They hang around in the sewer and in garbage heaps and trash cans. They feed on decaying matter and they pick up pathogens and bacteria that can lead to a long list of diseases. They contaminate every room simply by walking around and leaving their feces and urine all over the place.

Contact us today to get started with our professional rodent control service!

Guide To Avoiding Termite Damage In Citrus Heights, CA

Termite damage is largely preventable. If you take the proper precautions to avoid these wood-eating pests, you have a better chance of avoiding infestation altogether. The following list of suggestions will prove helpful in the prevention of termite activity:

  • Reduce moisture in and around your property.

  • Use vent fans in moisture-rich areas of the house.

  • Install weather stripping around windows and doors.

  • Repair rotten areas of the roof.

  • Get rid of any damaged or rotting wood.

  • Store woodpiles away from the perimeter of the structure.

  • Avoid any wood-to-soil contact.

  • Inspect all wood brought onto your property.

These steps may help to avoid termites. But to know for sure you are termite free, or to schedule termite-prevention services, reach out to the professionals at Neighborly Pest Management today.


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