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Professional Pest Control Services For Clarksburg, CA 

Clarksburg, CA, is located in the southeastern corner of Yolo County, along the Sacramento River. The professionals at Neighborly Pest Management are proud to provide effective pest management services for yourClarksburg's residential and commercial properties.

Since our establishment in 1978, we've served the communities of the greater Sacramento area by providing the most advanced pest control solutions available. And, as a local pest control provider, we understand how to handle the area's toughest pests and put a stop to the problems they cause. Get in touch with the technicians at Neighborly Pest Management today to learn more about our commercial and residential pest control programs. 

Home Pest Control In Clarksburg, CA

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Your Clarksburg home won’t feel like it belongs to you if you share it with pests. Don’t allow rodents, insects, spiders, or other pests to invade your residential property and take away your peace of mind.

Instead, turn to the skilled pest professionals here at Neighborly Pest Management. We’ll work with you to identify current pest problems and implement a plan to eliminate them.

We’ve designed our bi-monthly residential pest control plans to fit the needs of you and your home. Whether you’re looking to rid your home of an existing pest infestation or prevent pests from invading in the future, Neighborly Pest Management has you covered. Reach out to us today to get started!

Commercial Pest Control In Clarksburg, CA

Pests can cause irreversible problems when they invade your commercial facility. In addition to contaminating products, spreading illnesses to your customers, and damaging essential equipment, pests can harm your reputation and cause a significant loss of revenue. To avoid dealing with pests in and around your Clarksburg business, you need commercial pest control services from Neighborly Pest Management.

We understand the importance of complete pest protection, which is why we’ll work hard to implement effective commercial pest control solutions that provide long-lasting results. And, because we understand that every business is unique, our commercial pest control plans are customized to meet the needs of your property. Don’t hesitate to contact Neighborly Pest Management and give your Clarksburg business the protection it needs.

Aphid Services In Clarksburg, CA

Aphids are tiny, soft-bodied insects that feed on tree sap and the nutrient-rich liquid found within plant leaves. Although a few aphids here and there aren’t a cause for concern, they can significantly weaken the health of your trees, flowers, and other yard plants in large numbers. Aphid infestations can cause the leaves of your trees to wilt and become yellow, stunt shoot growth, and even cause sooty mold to grow.

The best way to remove aphids from your Clarksburg property is with aphid services from Neighborly Pest Management. Our aphid services include a non-invasive treatment that goes into the soil around your trees, reducing the amount of sap they produce during summer. For more information about what our aphid services involve, contact Neighborly Pest Management today. 

Eight Ways To Avoid Bed Bugs In Clarksburg, CA

The thought of tiny, blood-feeding insects crawling into your bed at night to feed on your blood is enough to cause shivers to run down anyone’s spine. Bed bugs are small insects that feed on the blood of humans and have become a significant problem for property owners across the United States. These tiny, parasitic pests invade Clarksburg properties by crawling into the belongings of unsuspecting individuals and hitching a ride home with them. If you want to avoid bringing bed bugs into your Clarksburg home or business, implement the following bed bug prevention tips:

  • Store your clothing in vacuum-sealed bags, especially when you travel.

  • Learn to identify early signs of bed bug infestation, such as bloodstains, fecal matter, and bites.

  • Reduce the clutter on your property. Bed bugs hide best in homes and businesses that provide them with plenty of hiding spaces.

  • Vacuum your box springs, mattresses, floors, rugs, and carpets to eliminate bed bugs that may have gotten into your home or business.

  • Purchase mattress covers to prevent bed bugs from hiding in your mattress and box springs.

  • Always inspect used items, such as furniture, for signs of bed bugs before bringing those items into your property.

  • Avoid placing your belongings on the floors of public places, including airports, office spaces, schools, hospitals, and libraries.

  • Check your hotel or motel room for signs of bed bug activity and ask to be moved to a different room if any signs are present.

Bed bug prevention tips are a significant first step, but bed bugs might still find a way into your Clarksburg property. The most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation is with help from the skilled technicians here at Neighborly Pest Management. Give us a call today to learn more about our bed bug control services or request your free inspection.


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